1/10/2016 Whatever It Takes:
                   2016 FBC Challenge
1/17/2016 Whatever It Takes: 
                   Get Them to Jesus
1/24/2016 Whatever It Takes: 
                   The Good Samaritan
1/31/2016  Whatever It Takes: 
                    To Grow in Christ
2/21/2016  Whatever It Takes:
2/7/2016  Whatever It Takes:
                  Love Like Jesus
2/14/2016  Whatever It Takes
                     Choose the Best

3/6/2016 3:16 The Numbers of Hope

2/28/2016  Frozen: Let it Go
Assoc. Pastor Chris Evans

3/13/2016 The Good News

3/20/2016 This Time the Crowd Got it Right! 

3/27/2016  Easter

4/3/2016 Significance of the Resurrection

4/10/2016 Assoc Pastor Chris Evans

4/17/2016 Holy Heartburn

5/8/2016 A Godly Mother

5/1/2016 The Resurrection and the Life

4/24/2016  The Risen Christ

5/29/2016 Don't Shut the Door on the Gatekeeper:  Associate Pastor Chris Evans

5/22/2016 Three Types of People

5/15/2016 Wind & Fire

6/19/2016 What to do on the Worst Day of Your Life -part 2

6/5/2016 Life Lessons I learned in Traffic School: Pastor Mike McGuffee, CSBS

6/12/2016 What to do on the Worst Day of Your Life

January - June

6/26/2016  Reality Youth Choir from Grass Valley. Pastor Mark Nunn