1/1/2012 "Tsunami" conference testimonies
2/5/2012 Cinda sings "The Word"
2/5/2012 Tom Jones plays "I'll Fly AWay"

2/4/2012 Baptism

3/25/2012 John "If We Are the Body"

3/9/2012 Jolene FCA talk

3/11/2012 Myra sings "Faithful to Me"

4/29/2012 Bob Hilton's Gideon presentation

4/25/2012 John sings "Treasure"

5/8/2012 "Love is the Answer"

2012 AWANA Year in Review/Awards

5/20/2012 Myra sings "God is Still Doing Great Things"
6/17/2012 John sings "A Man After God's Own Heart"

2012 Vacation Bible School Family Night

7/10/2012 Destiny sings "Little is Much"

8/19/2012 Sarah sings "Temporary Home?

8/2012 Baptisms 

8/2012 Baptisms

10/14/2012 Victoria's Testimony

10/14/2012 Bob's Testimony

9/9/2012 Cinda sings "The Warrior is a Child"

2012 29th Annual Christmas Gift to San Jose

10/21/2012 Antoinette's Testimony

11/18/2012 AWANA presentation

11/18/2012 Cinda sings "The Holy City"

11/18/2012 Donny sings "I Bowed My Head"
12/1/2012 John sings "A Strange Way to Save the World"
12/9/2012 Cinda sings "Breath of Heaven"

12/9/2012 Ed Morrison plays "As the Deer"

12/9/2012 John sings "Mary Did You Know"

12/16/2012 Lauren plays "We Three Kings"
12/16/2012 "Hark the Herald"
12/23/2012 "Happy Birthday Jesus"